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Shar Shamai

Singing Instructor

Shar Shamai is a Musical Theatre performer and a voice teacher. He completed his second MA degree in music – MA Musical Theatre, at The Guildford School of Acting (GSA) after graduating with an MA in Classical Singing at the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance and he is fascinated by the human voice.

Shar is currently teaching singing at The American Musical Theatre Academy (London) and the Performance Preparation Academy (Guildford) and Love Theatre Arts, and recently co-founded “The JEWish Cabaret” – a group of British and Israeli performers who draw on the Jewish tradition to create tongue in cheek musical adaptations to the Jewish narrative in a satirical humorous Cabaret style. Shar derives great pleasure from the JEWish Cabaret as a creative opportunity to touch people’s hearts and make them laugh

Shar Shamai.jpg

The festival is brought to you by Partners for the Arts Abroad | LLC, 2019 and the American Music Theatre Academy

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